Melodies of our inspiration

20 vocal triumphs – exactly as many compositions of the concert program Melodies of our inspiration, which, each – at one time, formed the basis of success and wide recognition of the choir, became the crown number of the audience’s favorite programs and theatrical performances.

The space of this anthology is based on the stunning repertoire diversity and multi-genre experience of our artistic aspirations. But to choose and invest in one concert two dozen, from more than ten thousand corpus of compositions, which the choir has developed during 27 years of its creative progress – a difficult task. After all, the presented compositions are different in manner, style, artistic range. But there is something that unites them all unquestionably – “outstanding, brilliant success, victory; celebration “, and in one word – triumph.

We invite you friends to enjoy our twenty triumph.

Artistic director – Pavlo Struts.

Directed by Natalia Begma.

Choirmaster – Oksana Dondyk.

The author of the project is Andrii Voinov.