А leading multi-genre ensemble
that pushes the boundaries of academic music performance

Khreschatyk Academic
Chamber Choir

About us

About us

Khreschatyk Academic Chamber Choir is a multi-genred, mixed, professional chamber choir that organically combines the most diverse areas of academic and popular music in the boundless space of its technical and repertoire range.

Each artist of the choir is a brightly gifted professional who has excellent vocal and choral skills and the technique of performing solo parts, forming a completely unique, original group.

All singers are extremely mobile in the preparation of new musical material, which allows them to consistently maintain an extremely high rate of release of new concert programs.


The latest musical novelties from the Khreschatyk Choir can be listened on Soundcloud, as well as our YouTube channel.


Also from us it is possible to order and buy notes for works which arrangement made by the artistic director of the choir Pavlo Struts. These musical works are protected by copyright, so we worry about their legitimate use.

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Do you want to order
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