Khreshchatyk Choir will decorate your holiday – organizes and performs a unique concert or vocal show, create a song to order, make an audio recording of musical compositions. A musical greeting for a birthday, anniversary or professional holiday is an impression that cannot be forgotten.

Our advantages:

For different musical formats, khreschatyk Choir attracts instrumental musicians, for example, guitarists, drums, saxophonist, chamber ensemble or orchestra, etc. We will coordinate the repertoire of the concert in advance, satisfying the tastes of guests of all ages.

Let’s discuss your event right now!

Types of concerts and holidays

Corporate party

Khreschatyk Choir program will emphasize the importance and status of the corporate event, and a wide repertoire range will enable guests to feel both in a festive official mood and in an informal atmosphere.

Professional holiday

Live vocal music is an exquisite decoration for a professional audience, whose representatives usually have special wishes and refined taste.

Celebration of the day of the city

Do you want the holiday to be massive, driving and fun? Khreschatyk Choir will fulfill your wish! Selected songs and a bright vocal show guarantee an incendiary mood of your event.


Music for your birthday is an extremely important gift. Magical sounds wake us joy and sorrow, smile and gratitude. A solemn, insightful performance of “Mnohaya lita” will not leave anyone indifferent.

And will complement the greeting photo from our photographer or a small mounted video.


If you want a real bright holiday, a many impressions and memory for many years, you need live music for the wedding. The first dance of the newlyweds under exquisite vocal accompaniment – an emotion that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Create a song to order

Do you want to write music or poems, or create a new arrangement of the famous song? Or do you want the song to be special, and sound the way you want? We will love to write a song to order for you!

Record a song

Do you want to feel like a real professional performer? We will record your compositions during a concert or in the recording studio, so that your track becomes a real hit!

Record greetings

If you decide to surprise a loved one, best friend, colleague or family, the best gift for them is to record a named musical birthday greeting. Vivid impressions and emotions are guaranteed, because it is addressed personally to their.

Sound of the event

We are experienced artists on holiday and have all the necessary equipment for a professional show, depending on your desire: with or without presenters and escorts.

Якщо Ви хочете замовити наші послуги, оберіть категорію та залиште свої контактні дані – і ми з Вами зв’яжемось!